National Rural Stack - Vision and Blueprint overview

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National Rural Stack - Vision and Blueprint overview

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Enterprise Architecture

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National Rural Stack is federated, open, interoperable, evolvable, public digital infrastructure for creating timely value for rightful rural poor through delivery of transformative digital services.
NRS takes an ecosystem view and envisions this digital infrastructure as a foundation that allows various ecosystem actors across Government, society, and market players to build and innovate on top of NRS. The document provides a vision and high-level guiding principles for NRS as a mechanism to facilitate all federated Rural Development stakeholders to align their information system architectures to ensure resiliency, openness, service-centricity and evolvability to provide greater value to public. The defined vision, guiding principles, and building blocks would enable the rural development stakeholders to assess current enterprise architectures, develop target enterprise architectures, and formulate transition roadmaps towards a more interoperable and unified digital future.
An ecosystem oriented digital infrastructure cannot be built, nor can it evolve on a prescriptive approach. Therefore, the focus of this document is to express intent and provide high-level guidance for implementation.

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Ministry of Rural Development


Rural Development

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Name : Shri Sanjay Kumar Pandey
Email : pandey[dot]sk[at]nic[dot]in
Designation : Sr. Technical Director
Contact Number : 07512331817
State : DELHI
District : NEW DELHI